20 lessons from my favorite read in 2020

Below are wisdoms drawn from Morgan Housel’s The Psychology of Money. If we know each other and you would like to borrow a copy, just let me know!

  1. A genius with poor emotional control can be a financial disaster. …

Visualizing 2018 municipal voting results in Toronto’s Don Valley East ward by voting location

COVID-19 has affected us all in different ways. Many are facing financial challenges. Many are risking their health to prevent catastrophe. Many yet are quarantined at home and getting used to a new lifestyle.

Some in the last category are staying sane by focusing on the silver lining — spending…

The three-pointer’s final form

“To three, or not to three.” — Prince Hamlet, as he contemplates letting it fly

If you don’t care for theatrics, the TL;DR version of this thing is basically just the two charts at the bottom.

It was a typical Monday evening pickup session at the Syrian Club in Ikoyi. The cardio was good. The three-point shooting was bad.

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